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Online Payments
RESIDENTS:  E-check and credit card payments can be made online by clicking on the link below. You will need your account number, which is listed on any statement you receive from HPCA. For further assistance, call the office at 281.463.1216 during regular business hours.

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HPCA Board Meeting
Thursday, October 11th, 6:30 PM at HPCA Community Center
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HPCA Board Meeting
Thursday, November 8th, 6:30 PM at HPCA Community Center
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Bear Creek Swimming Pools
IMPORTANT POOL NOTICE: Wightman Pool will be closed for the remainder of the season.
Swimming Pool Card Pick Up: In an effort to verify eligibility and streamline the workload on our staff, HPCA makes pool cards available for pick-up each year free of charge during well-publicized dates and times. The free pick-up days, April 26, 27, 28 & May 5, have passed for this year. 
After May 5th: Pool cards cost $10.00 each and will not be issued out of the HPCA office. Upon receipt of application, payment, and documentation, cards will be mailed out. After emailed applications are received pool cards are only mailed out on Tuesday afternoons.
Click here to download the following HPCA Swimming Pool documents for 2018:
All fees must be paid in full to obtain access to our swimming pools. Homeowners are asked to show a current ID and proof of residency. Renters must also show a copy of their current lease. Only those specifically listed on the lease will be authorized to use the Pools, and must be members of the same family and live at the property.
For a complete schedule of pool hours, click on the SWIMMING POOLS menu.

Trash Pickup Notice
Trash Pickup Schedule
WCA is our trash provider. Service is set up through WCA and fees are directly paid to WCA by each resident household. Service days are Wed and Sat, recycle on Wed, heavy trash both days. Please have your polycarts out at the curb by 7am on those days, facing the street but not in the street. Do not use the smaller gray polycart for anything but recyclable materials. Should you have any service or billing questions about your trash service contact WCA directly at 281-368-8397.

News of Note

DEBRIS REMOVAL: Construction debris will need to be cleared from the front of your home in a timely manner.  WCA will not removed construction debris, bagged or not.  Rent a dumpster or contract a removal service.  Share the expense with a neighbor.  Dumpsters are allowed in the driveway or yard, not in the street. WCA will remove tree or shrub limbs or branches only if it is bundled in 4 foot lengths.


ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL REMINDER: All structural changes, including roofing, painting, structural additions, etc. to your home whether you flooded or not must be submitted to the HPCA office for review and approval. The turnaround time for approval is very quick. In many cases you can submit things like paint colors and roof style/materials via email for the fastest response. Reminder - fence pickets can be no higher than 6 feet with a 6 inch rot board. (See DR #12, Page 3.)


NEIGHBORHOOD RESOURCES: Many questions you have concerning the neighborhood, trash service, street lights, security, etc., are answered here on our website: BearCreekNetwork.org. Residents may also email our office staff at office@bearcreeknetwork.org.


SECURITY: Always call constable dispatch at 281-463-6666 concerning any suspicious activity you see. Do not wait. If you want to also report it to the HPCA office, always call constable dispatch first.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
HHW Info Hotline: 281.560.6200 (Español: 281.560.6232)
Click here to see what qualifies as HHW.
How to drop off your HHW items:
Harris County provides free disposal of HHW at the following location:
6900 Hahl Road (290 & North Gessner - less that 10 miles from BCV)
Every Wednesday - 9AM - 3PM
Second Saturday of each month: 9 AM - 2 PM
For additional dates and holiday closures, go to: Harris County Engineering
Water District  281.375.5978
Congressman Ted Poe's note about Bear Creek Village and Voluntary Buyouts: Click here to read an email sent on May 25th.
IMPORTANT “FAQ’s” ... from HPCA for Bear Creek Village
Can I park a trailer/RV in my driveway while my home repairs are being made?
Yes only if you absolutely need them at this point.  If you and your immediate family are able to live safely in your home we ask that the trailer or RV that you may have been using since Harvey be removed as soon as possible.  Please contact the HPCA office and give us an estimate of how much longer you anticipate living in your trailer/RV.  
What approvals do I need from HPCA for the repairs that I will be making to my home?
Interior repairs to your home do not require any approval from HPCA. If the exterior of your home remains the same as before the flood, you are good to go.
Items that need to be submitted for approval include: roof replacement materials & color, exterior paint selection and any changes to the exterior of your home. Please complete the Architectural Review Application and email to ACC@BearCreekNetwork for consideration. (If this document is opened in Adobe Reader – a free app – it can be completed online, saved, and emailed directly to HPCA.)
The Architectural Control Committee will answer your request as soon as possible. A few notes:
ROOF REPLACEMENT - Must be at least a 30 year, dimensional, architectural design shingle (Metal roofs will be considered.)
EXTERIOR PAINT - Color choices for house and trim must be listed by manufacturer and exact color number.
FENCE repair – 6 foot maximum picket; may also have a 6” rot board (If you are requesting to move your fence line, please include a detailed drawing.)

If you plan to rebuild your entire structure after a complete tear-down, your detailed building specifications will need to be reviewed by an engineer and will require more time for approval.
Trailers, PODS, and Dumpsters: We understand your need to use outside resources during your reconstruction projects. Please keep such items out of the street so that dump trucks and utility vehicles can easily pass. Such items will be allowed to be parked or stored on your lawn for several months. Once you no longer need these please have them removed as soon as possible.
UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO: Please log in to your BearCreekNetwork.org account and make sure it is up to date, including telephone numbers, emergency contact info and pet details.This info is not available to the public, but can be of great use to law enforcement personnel and the HPCA office staff should there be any concerns with your property that requires them to contact you.

Flood District Information



Flooding Information & Call to Action

The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) held an open meeting on June 21, 2018, for residents living in the Addicks Reservoir Watershed, which includes Bear Creek Village. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Harris County $2.5 billion bond election. As HCFCD's governing authority, Harris County Commissioners Court was granted approval by Governor Abbott to hold an emergency bond election on August 25, 2018.


HCFCD outlined some of the projects they want to undertake with the bond fund. But, more importantly, they asked for input from the public on what plans WE think should be considered in the future.


This, neighbors, is a great opportunity to be heard. Please click here, 2018 HCFCD Bond Program, for all of the details. Then, please take the time to let HCFCD know what you project YOU think the bond funds should support by completing the online “Addicks Reservoir Community Input Form.”


The HCFCD website contains a lot of great information, so please read it carefully. We are giving you an easy route to navigate to the main issues, but you’ll find that all of the HCFCD information is important and enlightening.


Let’s be clear: as your HOA Board we are NOT telling you exactly what to write, or how to vote on the bond issue. Many of your neighbors have lived in Bear Creek Village for years and have seen the flooding issues change over time. Opinions vary widely as to why we are experiencing flooding more often than in the past. The following are simply thoughts that will not be new to most of you, and are not listed in any particular order:

  1. Continued construction in northwest Houston has caused grassland and wetlands to be replaced by concrete, resulting in more water flowing into Langham Creek than ever before. Is there room upstream for a third reservoir?
  2. Clay Road was raised approximately 20 years ago, which essentially made it into a dam, leaving only one bridge to accommodate all the water that needs to go from one side to the other. If you lived here 20 years ago, you experienced Clay Road flooding from Eldridge to Bear Creek Road in the park. Barricades were routinely placed in that area during heavy rain events. The amount of water that can accumulate on the north side (our side) of Clay Road cannot move efficiently into the Addicks Reservoir with the room that is currently under one bridge. Questions: More bridges? Increase the size of the existing bridge? Dig out for more culverts under Clay Road? Clay Road and the bridge are owned by the City of Houston, which means that the City of Houston is who needs to be contacted when it comes to any improvements on this issue. See following link for an analysis done by Freese and Nichols, Inc. for Matthew Zeve, Director of Operations HCFCD. The report is very enlightening: Clay Road at Langham Creek Hydraulic Alternatives Analysis.
  3. Langham Creek and Horsepen Creek meet up on the north side of Clay Road. That area, many feel, needs to be desilted and/or have downed trees and heavy brush removed and moved away from the creek bed before it goes into Addicks Reservoir so water can flow more efficiently. (Horsepen Creek desilting is almost complete at this time as you will see on the HCFCD website. Langham Creek desilting between Hwy. 6 and around the Addicks Satsuma bridge will begin sometime this year).
  4. There is a short drainage area located east of Hidden Springs at Whispering Falls, U107-00-000, that needs special attention when it comes to cleaning out the vegetation/debris. HCFCD and the Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) need to have this brought to their attention as it is felt that after water drains through our storm drains in that area it cannot freely move into Langham Creek and the reservoir efficiently.
  5. The golf course will not reopen. This area could be put to better use regarding drainage issues. Commissioner Radack’s office is currently undertaking specific plans concerning the golf course area that does not include any residences.

As your HOA, and also residents of this neighborhood, we have always been concerned about the flooding situation here. But as only one entity operating under specific bylaws, HPCA cannot effect change.  However the HOA does certainly intend to pass along to residents the best information available so that, as a community, residents can urge public officials to take action


There are 1974 homes in this neighborhood. Individual letters, emails, and phone calls will be noticed. Some of your neighbors have been writing and calling for years. Now that the U.S. Congress and the State of Texas have publicly voted to have funds put toward flood prevention and reparation we can no longer be told that the money is not there. The public needs to '”help” the powers-that-be determine how to use those funds.  In the meantime, on a more personal level, please make every effort to clean out the gutter in front of your home to help with the water flow as well as keeping debris from getting into and clogging the storm sewers.


The HCFCD is asking us now what we think and we need to tell them. If there is another issue that we have not listed here, then write about it. But make contact. There is already money being made available and if this bond passes there will be even more.


In addition to completing the HCFCD Input Form, below is a list of other officials that have some area of responsibility for our flooding concerns. We urge you to email them directly with your ideas and expectations.


Harris County Flood Control District

Online Contact Form

Phone: 713-682-4000


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District

Addicks and Barker Dams and Reservoirs

Email: swgpao@usace.army.mil

Phone: 281-497-0740


Harris County Precinct 3

Commissioner Steve Radack

Email: pct3@pct3.com

Phone: 713-755-6306


Harris County Precinct 4

Commissioner Jack Cagle

Email: commissionercagle@hcp4.net

Email: cadir@hcp4.net

Phone: 713-755-6444


Harris County Judge Ed Emmett

Online Contact Form

Phone: 713-274-7000


Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

Email: sylvester.turner@houstontx.gov

Phone: 713-837-0311


City of Houston District A

Councilwoman Brenda Stardig

(Clay Road bridge is in this district)

Email: DistrictA@houstontx.gov

Phone: 832-393-3010


Texas State Senate District 7

Senator Paul Bettencourt

Online Contact Form

Email: paul.bettencourt@senate.texas.gov

Phone: 512-463-0107


Texas House of Representatives

Rep. Dwayne Bohac, District 138

Email: Dwayne.bohac@house.state.tx.us

Phone: 512-463-0727


United States Senate

U.S. Senator John Cornyn

Online Contact Form

Phone: 202-224-2934


United States Senate

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Online Contact Form

Phone: 202-224-5922


United States House of Representatives

Congressman Ted Poe, Second District

Online Contact Form

Phone: 202-225-6565