Tennis Courts
Hunter's Park Community Association provides 6 tennis courts for the explicit use of residents and their guests.
The tennis courts are electronically locked and a key card is needed to enter.
Residents in good standing may pick up one key card per property at no cost during regular Community Center office hours.
Assessments must be paid in full to receive and maintain usage of the card.
Replacement for a lost card is $20.  The lost card will be inactivated.
The neighborhood tennis courts are located at the HPCA Community Center, 4503 Hickory Downs Drive
Residents can check out a pickle ball net, rackets and balls from the office if needed. 
Courts are reserved for HPCA residents and their guests only (resident must be on site at the tennis courts with guests).
  • All court usage hours are 6am to 11pm.
  • Be courteous to others.  
  • HPCA residents and guests play at these courts at their own risk of injury or disease.
  • If you must turn on the lights for play, please turn them off when you are done unless someone is waiting to play after you leave.