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This site is maintained by Hunter's Park Community Association, Inc. and is designed to be a communications center and an information resource for our residents. Feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Governing Bear Creek Village
Sections 01-13 & Bear Creek Trails
Harris County, Houston, Texas  77084
To contact HPCA:
Call: 281.463.1216 weekdays between the hours of 9 AM and 4 PM
Registered users on this website may use this link: CONTACT US
RESIDENTS: Click here to make an online payment.
To make an online payment, you will need to know your account number, which is listed on any statement you receive from HPCA. The format for our account numbers include all of the numbers of your street address, along with a portion of your street name, without any spaces. For example, "1234 Turf Valley Drive" would be "1234TURF". Contact HPCA at 281-463-1216 during regular business hours for specifics.
Debris Removal Hotline: 713-274-3880 (Harris County Engineering)
For more details, go to: Separating your Storm Debris 
                                      (Separando Sus Escombros)
Harris County will not be picking up piles of green vegetation. If it is green at this point, it is not considered Harvey related and will not be picked up. Harris County is NOT picking remodeling debris. Questions? Contact Harris County, 713.274.3880, or email
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
HHW Info Hotline: 281.560.6200 (Español: 281.560.6232)
Click here to see what qualifies as HHW.
How to drop off your HHW items:
Harris County provides free disposal of HHW at the following location:
6900 Hahl Road (290 & North Gessner - less that 10 miles from BCV)
Every Wednesday - 9AM - 3PM
Second Saturday of each month: 9 AM - 2 PM
For additional dates and holiday closures, go to: Harris County Engineering
Water District  281.375.5978
Congressman Ted Poe's note about Bear Creek Village and Voluntary Buyouts: Click here to read an email sent on Sept. 13th. Residents seeking more info about this program are encouraged to complete the interest survey. Go to Congressman Poe's website to connect with his office. See more links to the Harris County Flood Control District listed toward the bottom of this page for program specifics.
IMPORTANT “FAQ’s” ... from HPCA for Bear Creek Village
Can I park a trailer/RV in my driveway while my home repairs are being made?
YES! HPCA is temporarily removing deed restrictions on all items that might be required for your recovery, such as: trailers, RV’s, campers, storage pods, dumpsters, sheds, etc. The only requirements are that these items need to be placed in your driveway or on your lawn (not it the street) and that no items pose public health of safety issues. And … YES – you may park or place trailers, campers, storage PODS, etc. in your yard. The “no parking on the grass” deed restriction has also been suspended for the foreseeable future. NOTE: Our Constables may ticket vehicles or items put in the street that block emergency vehicles or utility trucks.
What approvals do I need from HPCA for the repairs that I will be making to my home?
Interior repairs to your home do not require any approval from HPCA. If the exterior of your home remains the same as before the flood, you are good to go.
Items that need to be submitted for approval include: roof replacement materials & color, exterior paint selection and any changes to the exterior of your home. Please complete the Architectural Review Application and email to ACC@BearCreekNetwork for consideration. (If this document is opened in Adobe Reader – a free app – it can be completed online, saved, and emailed directly to HPCA.)
The Architectural Control Committee will answer your request as soon as possible. A few notes:
ROOF REPLACEMENT - Must be at least a 30 year, dimensional, architectural design shingle (Metal roofs will be considered.)
EXTERIOR PAINT - Color choices for house and trim must be listed by manufacturer and exact color number.
FENCE repair – 6 foot maximum picket; may also have a 6” rot board (If you are requesting to move your fence line, please include a detailed drawing.)

If you plan to rebuild your entire structure after a complete tear-down, your detailed building specifications will need to be reviewed by an engineer and will require more time for approval.

Trailers, PODS, and Dumpsters: We understand your need to use outside resources during your reconstruction projects. Please keep such items out of the street so that dump trucks and utility vehicles can easily pass. Such items will be allowed to be parked or stored on your lawn for several months.

UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO: Please log in to your account and make sure it is up to date, including telephone numbers, emergency contact info and pet details.This info is not available to the public, but can be of great use to law enforcement personnel and the HPCA office staff should there be any concerns with your property that requires them to contact you.
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