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This site is maintained by Hunter's Park Community Association, Inc. and is designed to be a communications center and an information resource for our residents. Feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Currently, the best way to contact the HPCA office is by email:
Water District (Sewer & boil water order)
PERMITS: A Message from Harris County Engineering
"As you know, Hurricane Harvey left our area with an unprecedented number of homes flooded. We are working as hard as we can to issue permits as quickly as possible to families and businesses for repair. 
Per federal, state and local requirements, we are required to issue permits for repairs; we are not allowed to let folks repair without them. We have done damage assessments in your area and think we know which structures flooded (ie- need permits). If someone wants to ensure they are on the list, or if they see their neighbors got a permit but they did not, please have them call our Call Center at 713-274-3880 to report they flooded; it is possible we missed them and we’ll get that corrected in short order.
There is no need to contact us to start the permit process. We are working neighborhood by neighborhood to get the permits issued, and have staff that are working 7 days/week. We are working as fast as we can considering how large scale the flood damage is, and anticipate the engineers vetting your area beginning tomorrow. Yes - even the general permits need to be vetted per criteria FEMA has established. We’re working as fast as we can.
When permits are ready, we’re mailing them via the postal service to the residence. We also have staff that are emailing permits to residents around the County once their permits are issued if that is requested by the resident; the Call Center maintains a list of individuals who prefer email.
As I’m sure you’ve been told, DO NOT WAIT ON A PERMIT to remove flooded debris from homes!
Again, this is discussing repair permits. If an individual chooses to rebuild or modify their structure during the repair, please have them call the Call Center at 713-274-3880 to learn what is needed for the permit they will need for the specifics of what they are proposing."
Congressman Ted Poe's note about Bear Creek Village and Voluntary Buyouts: Click here to read an email sent on Sept. 13th. Residents seeking more info about this program are encouraged to complete the interest survey. Go to Congressman Poe's website to connect with his office. See more links to the Harris County Flood Control District listed toward the bottom of this page for program specifics.
From Harris County UD6: September 15, 2017 
On August 29, 2017, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality required the Harris County Utility District 6 public water system, TX1010501, to issue a Boil Water Notice to inform customers, individuals, or employees that due to conditions which occurred recently in the public water system, the water from this public water system was required to be boiled prior to use for drinking water or human consumption

The public water system has taken the necessary corrective actions to restore the quality of the water distributed by this public water system used for drinking water or human consumption purposes and has provided TCEQ with laboratory test results that indicate that the water no longer requires boiling prior to use as of September 15, 2017. If you have questions concerning this matter, you may contact Mirna Bonilla-Odums at 281-460-0189, or visit HCUD6 for more info.
Sanitation Services Message: From HCUD6 - Residents are still being asked to conserve water usage, but progress to the sewage pumps is being made. According to their latest update, one of the facilities (Lift Station #1, located off Clay Road) has been temporarily repaired and is pumping sewage to the Jackrabbit facility. Lift Station #2 was still underwater on 09/08. The boil water notice remains in effect. Check the HCUD6 website for up-to-date information. 
IMPORTANT “FAQ’s” ... from HPCA for Bear Creek Village
Can I park a trailer/RV in my driveway while my home repairs are being made?
YES! HPCA is temporarily removing deed restrictions on all items that might be required for your recovery, such as: trailers, RV’s, campers, storage pods, dumpsters, sheds, etc. The only requirements are that these items need to be placed in your driveway or on your lawn (not it the street) and that no items pose public health of safety issues. And … YES – you may park or place trailers, campers, storage PODS, etc. in your yard. The “no parking on the grass” deed restriction has also been suspended for the foreseeable future. NOTE: Our Constables may ticket vehicles or items put in the street that block emergency vehicles or utility trucks.
How do I contact HPCA?
The best way to reach us is by email:, or complete the CONTACT US form on our website. The HPCA offices suffered extensive flood damage and are currently being demolished. Together with the Pct. 5 Constable’s, we will be setting up shop in a construction trailer near the tennis courts soon. As you can imagine, our staff will be very busy. We appreciate your patience as we all work to rebuild our lives.

I didn’t know that I had to separate my debris into four separate piles. Will the county still pick it up?
In short, YES – but they will likely pick up the piles that are separated first. Here’s what the County is telling us: different dump trucks are charged with picking up different items: 1.) yard waste, 2.) construction debris, 3.) appliances, and 4.) electronics. If the workers cannot easily access the items they need to remove, they will move on to the next house. FEMA contractors are joining forces with Harris County, so until they actually begin their services in Bear Creek, we really don’t have any more specifics about their procedures.Harris County Pct. 4 Community Assistance has setup a DEBRIS HOTLINE to answer resident questions: 713-274-3880. They have asked us to let you know that the Tomball Landfill will take all storm debris AT NO COST. All that is required is proof of residency - either a driver’s license or bill listing a BCV address. Here is the location: Tomball Landfill, 13928 Humble Road, Tomball, TX, Hours: Mondays-Fridays 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. (You DO NOT need a certificate of Freon removal to dump a refrigerator at this time.)
I’ve seen people going through my debris pile and taking items, which disturbs me. Is this allowed?
Technically, items placed on the curb for pickup by the County are no longer your personal property. Is it upsetting to watch someone rummage through the remnants of your life? Absolutely. But it isn’t illegal. Once the County has removed the debris piles this should no longer be an issue. SECURITY NOTE: We have increased our Constable patrols for the next several months. If you see any suspicious activity relating to personal property (not debris pile scavenging), contact DISPATCH immediately: 281-463-6666.
What approvals do I need from HPCA for the repairs that I will be making to my home?
Interior repairs to your home do not require any approval from HPCA. If the exterior of your home remains the same as before the flood, you are good to go.
Items that need to be submitted for approval include: roof replacement materials & color, exterior paint selection and any changes to the exterior of your home. Please complete the Architectural Review Application and email to ACC@BearCreekNetwork for consideration. (If this document is opened in Adobe Reader – a free app – it can be completed online, saved, and emailed directly to HPCA.)
The Architectural Control Committee will answer your request as soon as possible. A few notes:
ROOF REPLACEMENT - Must be at least a 30 year, dimensional, architectural design shingle (Metal roofs will be considered.)
EXTERIOR PAINT - Color choices for house and trim must be listed by manufacturer and exact color number.
FENCE repair – 6 foot maximum picket; may also have a 6” rot board (If you are requesting to move your fence line, please include a detailed drawing.)

If you plan to rebuild your entire structure after a complete tear-down, your detailed building specifications will need to be reviewed by an engineer and will require more time for approval.

URGENT PARKING SITUATION REQUEST from Policing Authorities & Emergency Services: As more and more residents come back home and groups of contractors, volunteers etc. are making their way around, street parking is becoming a hazard and very difficult. Please be mindful when parking and imagine an emergency vehicle trying to come down your street, or any number of utility trucks: Centerpoint, trash trucks, mail trucks, mosquito sprayers, etc. These large vehicles are being blocked. Our own Constable patrols are being slowed down and response time is affected. If at all possible, park in your driveway or on your lawn in order to keep the streets clear.

Also note: The County owns our streets, which means that it is legal for anyone to park anywhere, including in front of your house. (They can’t block your driveway of mailbox, of course.) If at any time you have a group coming to visit or assist, suggest they carpool into the neighborhood. This situation is not going to get better anytime soon and we need to be able to work with one another to help keep our streets accessible.

FEMA Opens 3 Disaster Recovery Centers in Houston area: Katy Mills Mall, Greenspoint Mall and Baytown Community Center. Please see the attached press release for details.

FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers: The only DRC in Harris County at this writing is at the George R. Brown Convention Center. DRC's allow residents to visit with FEMA and the SBA in person to apply for aid and ask about follow-up concerns. FEMA informs us that additional local DNC's will be opened soon, but they cannot give specifics.  As locations are made available, they will be posted on this website: DNC Locator. Just enter your zip code and you will see locations and hours for each center.

HPCA Meeting: Due to the storm damage to the HPCA Clubhouse, the Board meeting for the month of September has been canceled. To get in touch with the HPCA office at this time, please click on the CONTACT US link of this site. We will continue to post information as soon as we receive it from all of the services for our neighborhoor, including HCUD6, WCA Waste Removal, Harris County Community Assistance for debris removal, Harris County Flood Control District, etc. PLEASE REGISTER your account on this site to receive emails with important announcements.

HCFCD Voluntary Home Buyouts: The Harris County Flood Control District has posted a Sign-Up Sheet and Notice of Voluntary Interest in their Voluntary Home Buyout program. See the links below for details from the HCFCD website. All questions about this program should be directed to HCFCD: 713.684.4020.
Harvey Related Home Buyouts
HCFCD Property Acquisition Program
HCFCD Voluntary Buyout Program

Residential Waste Removal: WCA began regular trash service on Tuesday, 09/05. We have been assured they will service every passable street on as soon as possible. Recycling, yard waste and bulk service has been temporarily suspended. Contact WCA directly at 855.855.0955 if you have concerns.

County Debris Removal: At this writing, there is no need to submit an individual work order your home, as they have an order in for the entire neighborhood. Pct. 4 Community Assistance reports that all of their trucks are currently out removing debris in the county, but they can give no specifics about when they will be in Bear Creek. FEMA debris removal contractors will be arriving next week. To assist in efficiency of the debris removal, it is CRITICAL THAT YOU SEPARATE YOUR DEBRIS into the piles that are listed on this instruction sheet:
Separating your Debris  |  Separando Sus Escambro

Trailers, PODS, and Dumpsters: We understand your need to use outside resources during your reconstruction projects. Please keep such items out of the street so that dump trucks and utility vehicles can easily pass. Such items will be allowed to be parked or stored on your lawn for several months.

HPCA Offices & Security: The HPCA office and Harris County Pct. 5 Constable substation has been flooded and are unusable. The office will be shut until further arrangements can be made. Meanwhile, Our Pct. Constables along with local Sheriff Substations, which have also been displaced due to flooding, have secured location to be as near our neighborhood as possible. The are currently in the old Walgreens building at Highway 6 and West Little York. HPCA has been working closely with Pct. 5 in order to maintain and increase our security. We have contracted extra patrols and a larger presence here in BCV.  This will be on-going for the foreseeable future. Due to large amounts of contractors, workers and residents coming in and out (which will only increase as water recedes), the Constables will be focusing more on patrolling boat, foot and car versus manning entrances. 

Harris County Emergency Resources - Go the the "Hurricane Harvey 2017" page of this website for a list of federal, state, and local resources.
Report Flooding to the County: Click here to report flooding in your home. It is important to show how the county the devastation level in our community. It will only take a minute. This report is designed to assist the Harris County Flood Control District and the Harris County Engineering Department in determining what areas have experienced structural flooding so damage assessment teams can quickly deploy to those locations in the wake of a flood event. Your information will be sent directly to those agencies and will not be shared with anyone outside of government. This survey should not be used to report water inundation from roof leaks or plumbing failures.  Please do not use this survey to request direct assistance or disaster relief. The agencies receiving your flood damage information do not have the capability to provide disaster relief. In the event of a disaster declaration, contact information for relief agencies will be listed at
UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO: Please log in to your account and make sure it is up to date, including telephone numbers, emergency contact info and pet details.This info is not available to the public, but can be of great use to law enforcement personnel and the HPCA office staff should there be any concerns with your property that requires them to contact you.
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