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EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS APP released by Harris County: A free app is available for download on iTunes & Google Play as ReadyHarris. This app, available in both English & Spanish, delivers real time weather alerts, hosts a step-by-step guide to building a personalized family disaster plan, offers survival tip sheets, maps evacuation routes and locates local emergency services.
REPORT RISING WATER: Residents report that the Harris County Flood Control District’s (HCFCD) response and follow-up to an incident of rising water is directly linked to being called by homeowners, particularly during the event.
If you find yourself in need of a water rescue, call the Constables directly at (281) 463-6666. We would suggest that you program both of these important numbers into your cell phone, if you have one.
Resident Question #1
Can our new trash provider put my poly-cart back on my curb? It was a surprise to all of us to see our poly-carts in the street on the first day of our new service. Our previous carrier, Allied, used an automatic arm truck which replaced the cart where "grabbed" which is why this new system appears so different. Unfortunately, there isn't an easy answer to this one. Although we felt the wording on the new contract was clear, and approved by our attorney, apparently it is subject to interpretation. WCA handles thousands of residential accounts across the county, and claims that leaving the carts in the street, pushed up against the curb, is a none-issue. Go figure! After registering our displeasure, WCA workers did place most of the carts back on curbs on Friday. Note: at the very least, carts should have the covers closed, and be pushed up against the curb. If you have concerns, contact WCA directly: 281-368-8397.
Resident Question #2
What's with the construction on our streets? The West Harris County Regional Water Authority was created by legislation to manage an orderly transition from ground to surface water in the Bear Creek area under "Contract #21." You can visit the WHCRWA website or read the brochure they provided for more information: WHCRWA flier - Pg. 1; WHCRWA flier - Pg. 2.
Resident Question #3
Why are the holes in the street on Hickory Downs being patched with asphalt? The construction company that is completing the water conversion project has assured us that they will properly repave the streets as soon as the project is complete. (See below for more info.) Based on weather and other factors, they aren't willing to give us a firm deadline just yet. They are just now repaving the streets in Glen Cairn and seem to be doing a decent job. Thanks for your patience!
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BEWARE of Solicitors . . .
We've had recent reports of an unscrupulous solicitor talking folks into a $5.00 subscription to a publication that never arrives. Please use the utmost caution when you give information out to anyone, either at your door, on the telephone or even on the computer. Your neighbors want you to be safe!
Gardening Tips
* Brown patch will continue to plague St. Augustine lawns as nights get cooler and humidity and rain continue. Discolored circles will appear in low areas almost overnight. Apply a fungicide recommended for brown patch according to label directions. Avoid walking through brown-patched turf. It spreads easily from the bottom of your shoes. If brown patch appears in the same lawn areas every year, add an inch or two of sandy topsoil to eliminate those low spots.
* Fertilize St. Augustine turf with a winterizing formula to promote root growth over the winter months. Lower your lawn mower blades now and mow on a schedule that cuts no more than one-thirds of the grass blade away.
* As chrysanthemums and other perennials finish blooming, cut flowering stalks to the ground to permit all strength to be used in making root growth.
* Feed roses lightly, but avoid nitrogen fertilizers. Do not prune now. Keep up spraying program and water deeply.
* Bananas are more likely to bear fruit if the trunk does not die back in winter. Cut banana stalks back to six feet, wrap with newspaper and burlap.
* Continue mulching for winter. Build up a thick top mulch to protect roots from freezing and winter drying. Don't throw away those pine tree needles; they make great acidic mulch for azaleas, gardenias and next Spring's impatiens.
* Place pansies in beds after weather has cooled. Use a little blood meat mixed in soil under each plant.
Sign Postings: Do not post signs of any kind on county signs. It is against the law and you can be fined.
Keep Bear Creek Beautiful! Residents, please remember that in accordance with deed restrictions, trash cans, polycarts and recycling bins must be stored out of public view. They must be ENTIRELY out of view. If they are behind a brick wall or at the side of the house or behind bushes, they must not be able to be seen from any angle. Let's keep our neighborhood from being "trashy."
Community Assistance: Precinct 4, Commissioner R. Jack Cagle. For street repairs, manhole covers, tree limbs hanging over street, etc., contact Community Assistance at 281-353-8424.T
Barking Dogs: If you have a problem with a neighbor's dog constantly barking, you should first contact the pet owner and make them aware of the problem. In the event that this doesn't work, you should then contact the Constables at 281-463-6666 to file complaint.
Loose or Lost Pets & Dog Bites: Contact Harris County Animal Control at 281-999-3191 or
Street Lights Out? Contact Reliant Energy at 713-201-2222. You will need to give the address where the pole is located and provide the stenciled number on the front of the pole. You may also report the outage on the Centerpoint website.